Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective instruction to players who just want to play better.  Our Systems consist of a comprehensive and progressive curriculum of basic to advance soccer skills.  



R.E.P.S. FOOTSKILLSBall mastery is the foundation for player development. "Control the ball, Control the game".  Footskills sessions consist of a comprehensive and progressive curriculum of basic to advanced soccer skills. Players will touch the ball over 1500 times/session. All exercises are performed enough times by each player to make certain movements with a ball second nature to each player.  


R.E.P.S. SPEED AND AGILITYSpeed and Quickness sessions will consist of the proper mechanics of running. Program will cover every aspect of starting and stopping, balancing on cuts as well as balancing on the ball and under pressure. Principles of speed. Components of speed. Developing quick feet and improving coordination. Maintaining a proper set. Leverage and balance. Getting to the 50/50 balls first.


R.E.P.S. SPEED AND AGILITYStriker sessions will consist of the proper mechanics of shooting a soccer ball.  Program will cover every aspect of the soccer kick and ball flight.  The parts of the ball.  Parts of the foot.  The six kicks.  The soccer hop.  The V swing.  Focus.  The real truth on foot plant positioning.  Leaving the plant foot.  The five parts of a soccer kick.  Becoming more accurate with shots, adding more power to shots.  We will finish with "in stride" shooting.  These  are a few of the aspects"  to be covered.



R.E.P.S. GOALKEEPERGoalkeeper sessions will cover the basic principals of effective goalkeeping. The hands, body shape, mental preparation, reaction, footwork, strength and coordination, recovery, break away saves, conditioning, developing strong work habits, angles, advanced catching techniques, and positioning. Breakaway saves will be main emphasis.



1 on 1 Private Training  *  Semi - Private & Team Training  *  Summer/Winter Footskills Sessions  *    Goalie Training  *  Speed & Agility Training  *   Travel Soccer Leagues 3 v 3, 5 v 5  * 
Recreation Soccer League  *  Tournaments  *  Turf Rentals

Come discover for yourself the difference REPS can make in your child's play.   Play the REPS way!  Real Players, Real Results.  Guaranteed!

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